Do You Believe in Happy Endings?

Posted on 25 March 2010 by Liza Mae V.

Keep Moving

As I stepped out of the plane with my backpack and carry-on luggage, I went through the regular process of going to Chinese customs, picking up my two big luggage putting them on a FREE push cart, and going through no bag checks.  The process seemed to flow smoothly, more so than I expected because usually there is always some sort of set back when I travel.

I walked towards the exit and the first thing I saw was him.  He was not paying attention for he was watching this old woman villager get all riled up with excitement with the sight of her relative of some sort.  So I called to him and he smiled.  He made a conscience effort to make sure that he was right there when I arrived.  A few days ago I expressed my worry about when I got there for I had no means of communication when I landed and if you know me, I rely too much on my phone.  I appreciate that he was right where I needed him.


While I pushed my cart around the maze, my heart beat started to pace faster for I was like that old woman, riled up with excitement.  The maze seemed endless with people holding up signs with names which were not mine but I felt like a superstar and I wanted to give high fives, hand shakes, and pump my fist in the air like I was a champion.  I felt high and free but the ironic thing is that I was free in a communist country.

I finally reached the finish line and there he was with open arms to share my victory.  I ran to him and we exchanged hugs so strong that it took my breathe away and squeezed the tears out of my eyes.  I felt so relieved and my heart was home again.  I felt so much love at that moment which I have never felt before I thought I was dreaming.  Re-reading the previous is like reading a romantic novel where I once thought was only fictional.  Moments like this make me believe in romantic love stories, it just needs the right person to make you see.

– Liza Mae

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. WT Says:
    Aww! It made me almost say that out loud in the office! What a great feeling “my heart was home again” :)

    I was so afraid you were not going to find him! But there he was hee…

  2. Wisdom Says:
    I believe in happy endings without a doubt I do believe however it is up to us whether it happens or not. If u ask me it is all in the choices we make. Then again what is happiness as it seems to be a number of things in this ever changing society.
  3. Duwayne A. Wright Says:
    simply: I believe in endings.
  4. Jen Says:
    Awwwwwwwwww what a sweet experience! Absolute bliss….xoxo
  5. Stef Darbonne Says:
    Endings whether Happy or sad give us a chance to start anew. Good luck on your new journey girlie. :)
  6. Liza Mae V. Says:
    Yes being happy lies within and knowing what makes us happy. Happiness can mean different things but I have made a list and a lot of things make me happy, it could be as simple as a sunny day, hot chocolate on a cold day, spending time with loved ones, etc. Do you know what makes you happy?

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