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Do you believe in fate?

Posted on 25 July 2004 by Liza Mae V.

Last night was one of my random nights. I just wanted to get away from my world and just drive. I had asked Martina if she wanted to go to Niagara Falls and she was all for it, but with time restrictions we decided it was best to stay in Toronto. So we head to the Jazz Festival in the beaches but just end up going to the beach and running to the water. It was a very romantic, relaxing atmosphere but Martina and I couldn’t be romantic so we did what we did best, laughed it off. After more driving and seeing the chaos of a Saturday night in downtown Toronto, Martina was exhausted from the night before and I dropped her home. The second I dropped her at her door I recieved a phone call from Gerron. He stated that he wanted to see me and that we would meet at Markham Station. We had one of those ‘get to know you’ conversations. We found out that we go to the same spot on Wednesdays.

Me: When was the last time you were there?
Him: Two weeks ago.
Me: I didn’t see you there. (Takes a closer look)
Him: I didn’t see you there
Me: (LOL)
Him: What?
Me: Do you know Char?
Him: Yes. (Looks at me like I know where I was going with this)

Flash Back >> Two Wednesdays ago we met. I was standing with his friend, Char, who is my brother, Ritchie’s friend. He approached us and looked me up and down, and introduced himself briefly but Char said to Gerron … No. She basically hinted to me to not go for him but with a joking tone. Before any conversation progressed, I was thinking that he looked pretty hot but since I was meeting my date, Mark that I should just leave it alone, and I did. I went back inside and ate my Pizza with Lawrence and waited for Mark to arrive.

After the realization that we met before, we laughed. He asked me if I believed in fate? Yes, I did. Maybe some strange force brought us together and thats the reason we crossed paths … again. We both did not remember two nights ago that we met two weeks ago but he had a familiar face. Two weeks ago I was thinking this guy has a nice upper body … and I did not know that two weeks later I would be laying my hands on it while we danced. His body is chiseled like stone and with every bump my hands got all heated and horny. LOL. He is a man that can dance but most importantly, he danced with me. It’s funny how the same night I also bumped into Mark (My date two weeks ago) and he was with another girl. It’s like Mark and Gerron switched places. Life works in mysterious ways.

Gerron and I ended up talking till 4am … and he opened up more than he wanted to and so did I. After realizing we had a mutual friend the conversation felt warmer. I do not know what to expect but I am going to let things flow and not rush anything. It is better that way because what exactly am I rushing into? Where do I want to go so badly? I am physically here now … so why do I try to displace my heart somewhere else? I am just going to enjoy this moment.

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  1. muszicluvher Says:

    awww ya’ll coulda been romantic..blah ur friggin mind woman! hehe j/p. but that evening with gerron sounded pretty hot…but on a more mental level. i need to have a nite or 7 like that….i wish i was in ur shoes for one night…lol
    i don’t think ur rushing. that was just one evening where thinks just fit. like yin and yang…but if u notice it’s only strange when u look *back* on it…right

  2. inteligencia Says:

    new name chica

  3. lizamae Says:

    Blar @ the romantic note.

    One thing I forgot to add was that when Gerron told me I was beautiful … I froze and had a flash back of a conversation I had with Dennis:

    Him: You are Sexy. I’m telling you this because the wrong people have been telling you.

    Weird thought. I hated that it came to my mind.

    Those nights just don’t happen … they happen for a reason. =)


  4. muszicluvher Says:


    well duh everything happens for a reason. just somethings happen for reason that seem bigger than everything else *at the time*..who knows..u may have another night that’s even better than this one but for another reason…i don’t care i still wanna have one of dem nights, lol

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