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Posted on 12 August 2004 by Liza Mae V.

I am still alive. Been MIA due to my computer being a wreck and my desire to fix it is lacking. My solution is to buy a new one but if anyone would kindly donate to my fund I will appreciate it. =)

I am so tired right now from work and wish I could take a lil nap but I have to leave for my next job in 15 minutes. I’ve been working so much that it is starting to catch up on me. This weekend I might take a mini-vacation to Niagara falls or Wasaga beach with Gerron depending if someone can take my shift on Sunday. I’ve basically seen Gerron every single day since we’ve met and I’m loving every minute of it. Though he is scared to get into a relationship due to his jaded state, I can not call him my boyfriend nor can I just call him a friend, so what title do I give him? I guess he is someone I am seeing and intimate with. I dont’ really know but all I know is that I am happy where I am standing. I think I am as scared as he is but I hide it better, but what exactly do I fear?

Damn I gotta go already.

– Liza Mae

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  1. muszicluvher Says:

    companion…partner….but i like companion better.

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