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Liza … Laughter … Love

Posted on 17 September 2004 by Liza Mae V.

Liza …

Everything is in place but I know that at any minute it can be taken away from me … so I am enjoying this moment … enjoying my happiness … not thinking too much  because that’s when I start to blow up these perfections within the imperfections.  I can not ask for more but I can’t expect less.  I can’t really describe this feeling … but you see it in my smile …  you see it in my speech … you see it in me.



Laugther … Do elderly get priority seats on subway?

I bumped into my friend, Rupa, on the platform at Kennedy Station (Subway) and we sat down.  I had  one side of my earphone on  and she was talking.  This old man looks at me with this ‘get the fuck out the seat’ look .. and then looks at the sign beside me.  It basically said, “You may have to get out of these seats for people in wheelchairs.”  Then he looks at me again.  I was like … so what?  It said for wheelchairs/handicapped persons … not elderly.  I didn’t get up.  Rupa was nagging me to get up.  So eventually I did.  I was annoyed.  I asked her why did she get up.  She said she felt bad and that she didn’t want to make a scene.  I thought … I don’t give a fuck.  He looked like he could stand.  I would of readily gave up the seat if he approached me sincerely but he was rude.  He didn’t even say, “Thank You!”  You could be old, pregnant, or handicapped … if you don’t respect me … what makes you think I am going to respect you?



Love … 09-13-04

Yesterday, we had a conversation in which we stated our fears, conflicts, and point of views.  I like the way we are.  I like that we can talk and not be afraid of the reaction.  I like that you listen … try to understand … then state what you think.  Communication is bringing our relationship together.  The bond so strong that one can not break the union unless communication is decreased.  I realize that if I don’t … it will be the downfall of our relationship.  So I should speak now or forever hold my peace.  I’m trying to have faith in people … faith in you … faith in love  … faith in fate.



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6 Comments For This Post

  1. arinzoheret Says:

    ::i do this thing::

    sometimes… where i take what would be an emotional topic for others, and treat it almost as a science project… its hard to describe. Like, having the convo like the one you had… without all the emotions normally ascribed to it. every so often, evin and i had one of those convos. it was greatness. glad u found that…

    (not saying there was no emotion in your convo… ahhh bleh, like i said, its hard to explain.)< ------(then again, u did a great job up there LOL)

  2. muszicluvher Says:

    whenever, wherever, whatever…

    i like the 3piece soliloquy u did there, lol. very nice. kinda felt like i was at a live poetry club back in da bricks in a basement somewhere. nice flow. i agree with the old people story. i hate when people try to get something they don’t necessarily need or even deserve for that matter. that shit is a damn privilege NOT a right! and even still it’s PUBLIC transportation so fuck dat.

  3. lizamae Says:

    Re: ::i do this thing::

    Yeah I am glad that I did find that because I swear I was going to go psycho with these guys I was seeing prior. I don’t know where I meet them but I know how to pick them well. lol. I should write a book about these freaks I meet.

    I did a great job up where? (confused look)


  4. lizamae Says:

    Re: whenever, wherever, whatever…

    “that shit is a damn privilege NOT a right!”

    Exactly. People are too concerned about not making a scene that they lose self respect. I don’t care what people think of me … what matters the most is what I think of me. If I am forced to do something … then why do it? Blar.


  5. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: whenever, wherever, whatever…

    lmao…PREACH! I GOT YA BACK HOMIE….need to put a hit out on some old geezer? i’m ya man! u punch him in da mout n i’ll b kneelin behind him, haha!

  6. arinzoheret Says:

    Re: ::i do this thing::

    in your post chicky ;-)

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