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let the river flow

Posted on 16 October 2004 by Liza Mae V.

I have noticed that when I get emotional, I speak of tongues that I regret later.     WE all know that we want it our way.  Things should go according to our plans, but sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes we have to sacrifice our plans for the person we care about.  One person has to be selfish while the other person has to let go… but when two are selfish … conflict arises.

“The truest kindof love I know
is when I love myself
and my soul

What good am I to you
If I don’t love myself
Before I love someone else

The realest kindof love I know
is when I learn to love and let go
Sometimes you can not hold on to
the river when it flows.”


I have not quite learned to let go of my opposition … my power, because when I do this, someone either takes advantage of it.  I realize that I want that person to let go of their control, but how can I expect this of someone when I can’t do the same for them?

I am not completely selfish because I always lose control to those I truly care about … but when I’m in the stages of getting to know someone, I can get defensive.  I want to lose control but the fact that the other person is holding back, sometimes I question if I should do so.  It’s like I am giving myself to the other person, while they are giving me half back.  It’s not an equal trade but I can not force the other person to totally lose control.

BLAR … I am in a state of contemplation … and my thoughts are fluttering with the butterflies … excuse me as I fly.

-Liza V.

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