Time Limitations

Posted on 07 November 2004 by Liza Mae V.

I feel so refreshed … I just took a relaxing bath provided by Lush “Purveyors of Fresh Handmade Cosmetics”. My skin feels so soft. Mmmm … I want to try their massage bars but I barely even have time to be pampered with one of those.

I miss idleness. I miss doing absolutely nothing. My schedule is so crammed that it stresses me out thinking about it. So I don’t really think about it. I just see what I have in store for the week and go with it.

I miss seeing him almost everyday. I miss looking forward to seeing him in my day. It is like we have to schedule when we will be available for each other. I feel like I don’t see him enough, but if I do … I feel like he will interrupt my studies … sometimes. I like him being around. I wish I had my own place but how can I give up … free home meals … breakfast in the morning … no laundry … no ironing … these things save me time in my week. Consider me spoiled by my parents. I am not the only one, my brothers are spoiled also. Many have told me that I need to break away from that because it steers me away from my independence. I believe it. (sigh)

The procrastinating ends. I have to go back to my studies.

<3 – Liza

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. muszicluvher Says:

    rob wuz here

    lol, tryna use ur bros as an excuse…WUT THEY got to do with YOU being a spoiled punk? NAYTHIN! :P but nehoo..good luck with ur studies n ish…and keep ur toes n the air… peaceanddoughnuts

  2. inteligencia Says:

    liza girl i was wondering what you have been up to

  3. muszicluvher Says:

    i LIKE that site…yummay..too bad i don’t have a bath to try out some of the things i saw there…..*snif*

  4. lizamae Says:


    aww … well when you have access to a bath … try their products. It was actually my first time … and I used the butterball bath bomb. It smells so good when you throw it in the tub … and it leaves the skin very soft. =)

  5. lizamae Says:

    You can find me in the following places Monday thru Friday

    3.With Gerron

    Saturday & Sunday

    3.With Gerron

    Thats the story of my life…for now. Can’t wait till its all over. (sigh) …

    – liza

  6. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: lush

    me skin is already pretty soft (don’t tell nobody)..i’ve been using st ive’s bodywash/lotion (not so much the lotion in the past yr). but everysince i started using bodywash i’ve been pretty smooth. so now girls r jealous of me for 2 reasons….nails n skin, lol…

  7. arinzoheret Says:

    ::hey lady::

    chin up. its gotta pay off someday. doesn’t it..?? hrm.


  8. stefan1226 Says:

    …sooner or later..

    ..sooner or later we all need to break away from our comfort zone…having both creates a yearning for the other…u love him enough to break away…just a thought :)

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