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Sleepless in Toronto

Posted on 21 November 2004 by Liza Mae V.

I woke up at 6am this morning and checked my phone. No missed calls. I haven’t heard his voice since thursday night after our disagreement. Actually, I did hear his voice yesterday when I listened to his voicemail, but that is the closest I got to hearing him. I feel almost numb. I don’t know why things like this happen to me. I used to keep things to myself when I had a problem with something and I realized that eventually all my bottled emotions will blow up one day. So now that I do state what I am thinking, I get the silent treatment. It is either I say something or don’t … both ways I get fucked for it. I know I am not alone in this, but why does it feel like that.

I don’t know what to think … what to do because the source of my problems is distancing himself from me. I don’t know what I said to cause him to react like this. He says he’s open … he says he’ll state what he dislikes … but I wonder if he will do so. Actions speak louder than words … but all I can do is wonder.

I am thinking about him … and I can’t stop thinking about him. I wonder if he is thinking about me too.


– Liza Mae

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  1. 5twenty9 Says:

    been in your boat before… it really hasn’t been that long. i know when i’m upset or bothered i like to deal with things by myself and on my OWN time! i’m sure things will get back to norm… just take it one day at a time! :)

  2. inteligencia Says:

    girl i feel you… you are not along… but only time will tell… give ia few more days… then try and call..

  3. stefan1226 Says:

    Perhaps he’s simply int he process of self-analysis in order to open up to you finally Liza..or at least deciding the next direction he would love to take in ur relationship….we’ve discussed it b4…but opening up seems to be still a major hurdle for him..and each time u confront him about it..he tunes u out…i was in that place as u well kno…and slowly but surely i got out of it….I’d say now it all depends on 1) How patient U are Dear 2) If he’s ready to jump over this Hurdle that’s clearly preventing him from giving u what u r dying to get out of him……..we shall talk about it later…Patience Liza…

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