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Self Construction

Posted on 03 December 2004 by Liza Mae V.

It feels like my ink has gone dry
because my thoughts flow freely from my lips
instead of my finger tips.
My expressions are now painted
with the echoes of conversations
untainted by you … the truth.
Many times I contemplated
debated before I stated …
but now I just come out
and say it.

I love you.

It’s funny how those 3 words get
and often abused
due to
and desires to make dreams come to life
but why live in denial?

Life is about error and trial.

So I’ve tried and tested …
tried and tested …
tried and tested …
until I found you.

Now I’m just testing
and correcting
correcting and testing …
but you are built to perfection
and the only thing I’ve been correcting
is my imperfections.
Isn’t that ironic?


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  1. stefan1226 Says:

    …it’s funny what we’d like to correct in others at times is a refelction of what we’d like to correct or hide in ourselves…:).

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