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Procastinating … once again

Posted on 12 December 2004 by Liza Mae V.

Name the last four things you have bought:
Talib Kweli – Album, Lush bath balls, Corona, Toblerone

Name four drinks you regularly drink:
Aberfoyle Water, Milk, OJ, & Coke

Last time you cried?
Don’t keep Track

What’s in your CD player?
Gwen Stefani-Love.Angel.Music.Baby
Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled

What’s under your bed?
Panties, Bras & Socks.  Dust bunnies.

What time did you wake up today?
Multiple times.  3am – G called.  6am – Mother woke me.  10am

Current hair?
Long, Brown w/ honey highlights

Current clothes?
Old Navy Track pants & Wifebeater

Current desktop picture?
MEC 324 project car

Current worry?
Exams …

Current hate?
School … lack of spending time with G.

Favorite places to be?
In his arms … in my bed …

Least favorite place?
School … Doctors … Dentists

If you could play an instrument?

Favorite color(s)?
Blue & Pink

How tall are you?

Favorite expression?
“I love you”

One person from your past you wish you could talk to:
None that I could think of …

Favorite day(s)?

Where would you like to go?
Everywhere x 2.

Where do you want to live when you get married?
It doesn’t matter as long as he is with me.

Number of pillows you sleep with?

What do you wear when you go to sleep:
What I am wearing now.

What were you doing at midnight last night:
Trying to sleep but I ended up watching TV.

How old will you be in 10 years:
Too old.

What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years:
My baby G.

Do you burn or tan?
Tan … but I’ve burned before.

What is the brand of your wallet?
Currently don’t have one.  Hrmm … I need to get one.

First piercing/tattoo?
Ears.  I was a bebe.

Last person you yelled at?
My brother … to get the fU(K out my room

Last crush?
I don’t crush …

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9 Comments For This Post

  1. inteligencia Says:

    girl what you doing with panties and bras under your bed… hmmm

  2. lizamae Says:


    I don’t have no drawers in my room and there is no room in my closet therefore they are stored under my bed in a plastic container. What were you thinking?

  3. inteligencia Says:

    Re: lol

    well now that makes sense lol

  4. muszicluvher Says:

    it’s funny how

    ur current music for this entry coincides with the text of the next one, ;)…

  5. lizamae Says:

    Re: it’s funny how

    What do you mean? lol

  6. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: it’s funny how

    don’t play coy wit me miss shaaaaaaawtayyyyyyy! but since u wanna play the dumb blond filipino role i gotcha……
    think about the song is she the reason…now remember wut beyonce says in the chorus….is she the reason..blah blah blah….u don’t call like u used to…fall through ma hood like u used to….put on he hard like u usd to…..etc…..u have a bunch of *used tos* in ur lil diddy there….

  7. 5twenty9 Says:

    mmm… water!

  8. lizamae Says:

    lol … water is essential … H two Ohhh

  9. Graphics Says:

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