Action Plan for 2005

Posted on 03 January 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Instead of a New Years Resolution … I am going to take an action plan because resolutions don’t quite work for me.  I need to take steps at a time to achieve something I truly want.  So here are the pieces of me …

MIND – My grades last semester has increased my confidence level.  I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.  In mid-semester, I almost broke down and gone through some panic attacks prior to a significant mid-term test.   I got over that during my exam period in which I really focused on what had to be done.  The reason I was so edgy during my mid-terms was because I did not have confidence in myself and thought of failing when I should have focused on passing or even getting a good mark.  I did not help myself … I just gave up so easily.  Now that things have changed and I have a  better outlook on my school, I am actually pumped to go back.  I can’t believe that in 1.5 years I will be an engineer.  That was even hard to type.  All the late nights of non-sleeping were worth it.

BODY – I know everyone wants to lose weight but I am trying to keep my weight but keep fit.  I’ve been keeping my weight (for those who are nosey … range from 105-110lbs … currently 107lbs) for a couple of years.  The thing I’ve noticed changing is the rigidity of my muscles.  They aren’t tight like they used to.  I need to do something about that.  The fact that G goes to the gym at least 3x a week is inspiring enough.  He is so well defined that I am jealous. lol.   I don’t want to fall loose on my words because I’ve been telling myself I would do this for the whole last semester.  I want to take one of those before and after pictures to see if I am actually progressing.  That’s a thought.

SOUL – I am free.  I have no hatred towards anyone and if anyone has anything against me … I would like to know so that I could clear them up ASAP.  I am striving for perfection … but I know I will never get there, but the fact that I tried … is good enough for me.  I want to love … and be loved because that is all that I can offer.  I am grateful for my past but I stand today … strong … great … & perfect … hoping for nothing less than the best.

<3 – Liza

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. muszicluvher Says:


    yayyy for liza! lol…intersting entry. when i first read it i was gonna go off on the weight thing but in my few yrs on earth i’ve learned that arguin with a woman about her weight is as futile as trying to put out the sun with a supersoaker….:D. but for my .03 i’ll say u look great….as far as yr mind goes….u stole my interpretation of ur dream punk! at least gimme credit…u know a lil footnote *original source muse…:P
    but nehoo keep ya head up. i KNOW u can do wutever u want so just got out thurr n get it gurrl…..peacelovesoul

  2. lizamae Says:

    Re: *clappin*

    thanks for the encouragement.

    love liza.

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