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Movie Night | Hotel Rwanda

Posted on 09 January 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Its the ninth day of January and I don’t think he knows thats its almost been 6 months.  Hrmmm … come to think of it, I can’t believe its been this long.  It doesn’t seem like it though.  When I am with him it seems like time is still and it is only him and I that exists. 

I just came home from being with him and I feel so refreshed.  It’s like I have taken a breath of fresh air.  (Sigh) 

Hotel RwandaWe ended up going to watch Hotel Rwanda.  It was a very deeply emotional movie.  I remember the part when he tells his wife to jump off the building if they come to get her and the kids.  I looked at G and he seemed to get very uncomfortable at this part of the movie.  It was a very sad moment.  I still can’t fathom what really happened in Rwanda … or war itself.  It’s just overwhelming how many people die.  Which brings me to think about the Tsunami victims.  All the images we see on TV just doesn’t describe what had happened … and what is going on now.  It just seems all too surreal.

After the movie we went to the beach and spoke about random ramblings.  The simple moments of pleasure are what I live for.  For some reason his lips seemed to be softer … his eyes more open.  I am begining to see the layers upon layers being shead.  It’s a great feeling. 

incomplete thought.


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  1. inteligencia Says:


  2. urbantrix Says:

    things are all good with G now?
    i should go check that movie..i haven’t been hearing much talk about it..i think i know why..but it’s definetly on my movie list now..

  3. lizamae Says:

    yes everything is candy.

    Yup you should go to see it … tell me what you think

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