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Canadian Society for Industrial Engineers (CSIE) Conference 2005

Posted on 24 January 2005 by Liza Mae V.

The break down:

… Thursday …

I went to school and dropped off my luggage and headed to my hair dressers.  While I was waiting for the streetcar, It was so freaking cold that my nose hairs became frozen while breathing in, and then defrosts while breathing out.  Blar … anyways …  I got my hair done and felt so fresh.  I love that feeling.  =)  So I head back to school for the 2nd half of my last class then head to the hotel with Melissa to settle in.

We head downstairs for the rally where you all you hear is noise of screaming people, to the point where you can’t hear shit anymore.  This is where I bumped into the whole Concordia University delagates and of course … Vallery, Jonathan, and JP.  It was nice seeing them again because its been awhile. 

I get back to my room and grab a couple of drinks … had about 3 double shots = 6 shots of Malibu Mango.  Get to the Kabin Club and had a glass of wine and Vodka & Cran … and it was down for the count.  I talked to everyone from everywhere.  It was rather funny.  =)  I couldn’t find the people I went with so I just walked to the hotel on my own where JP would meet me to chat a little … and then I went to bed.

… Friday …

I woke up bright and early and actually went to a seminar about setting goals.  I loved one quote that she mentioned time and time again …

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

I kept on playing that quote in my mind the whole time.  It means that instead of looking at yourself as changing from the person you are now to someone you want to become … you should look at yourself as that person that you want become.  For ex.  Instead of … I am smoker trying to quit … use … I am a non-smoker. 

The rest of the day was boring and I almost fell asleep on one of the keynote speakers. 

We went to the Hart house to have Wine & Cheese.  It was one of those social events where you supposed to speak to professionals but I thought it was pretty boring but I got a little bit tipsy and thats all that came out of that. 

That night the itenarary stated that we were supposed to go to Fez Batik.  I never heard of it so I decided to go.  Crystal was calling me all day to go to an old school Jam at Venue for her Bday/going away party but I decided to not go until after.  So I headed down to Fez Batik and I did not like the crowd, music, and my conscience was killing me.  I realized that I was with people I don’t care about and I should be with people that I do care about.  So I packed my stuff and took a cold walk to Venue all by my lonesome drunk self..  I did not have to wait in line since I just walked up to the bouncer and said what I had to say, so it was all good.  =)  I am glad that I made that decision.  I am glad that I could spend it with my homies, Akua, Tamla & Crystal.  I heard music I haven’t heard in a long ass time.  It was just fun.

After the club, we headed to the hot dog stand in the freezing cold, colder than earlier in that day.  Akua’s cousin dropped off one hot dog and Akua was driving off. 
Me:  “Where are you going?” x 5. 
Akua did not realize that her cousin was not in the car.  So she basically drove off on her cousin.  I thought that was hilarious. 

I came home with my hotdog and passed out.


I slept in …  then got my nails done downstairs.  It was relaxing.  I love being pampered.  *sigh*   So I got ready for the Formal Dinner and it wasn’t a really big deal since I was ready to go home … to him.  I  missed him.  So I finally make it to his house … took a shower … come out and find him telling me to follow him to the dinning room.  He had a whole candlelight dinner waiting for me.  I was surprised and excited.  I thouht it was so sweet.  =)  I couldn’t stop smiling.  I am still trying to break the barriers that he has up … and this was a nice way of knowing that another layer has been shead. 


Spent all day in bed with him & did some homework.  Ordered Dominoes pizza, Philly Cheese steak & Hawaiin and went to bed.


I am tired … and I need to sleep.  Goodnight!?!


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. muszicluvher Says:


    oooooh malibu mango! where da hell do u get that? neva herd of dat oen b4…..
    awww how schweet…..i’m glad ur making inroads with him. good luck in da future…..

  2. lizamae Says:

    Re: !!!peachesngrits!!!

    You can get that from the liquor store. =)

    Thanks for your support…*sigh*


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