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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Keep Fit

Posted on 04 January 2010 by Liza Mae V.

It is a New Year and one of the most common resolutions is to lose weight (19%) and keep fit (10%), according to a Marist poll taken in December .   I have been going to the gym for years and year after year it is the same, the gym is flooded with New Year’s Resolutioners and a month later, it slowly dies down.  I must admit I was one of those people and not til the recent years have I changed my outlook on keeping fit.  Realize that exercise isn’t a goal, it is a lifestyle change.  Here are some tips on how to keep your New Year’s Resolution to keeping fit:

1.  Set a Practical Health Goal – So we lose ourselves with numbers of losing 10-20 pounds but what really matters is your health, so challenge yourself and set practical goals.  This is some examples I have used in the past:

– Time how fast you can run up and down stairs until you get exhausted
– In a given time period say 2 minutes, see how many times you can run up and down a hill
– Time how long you can hold a plank and squat, this tests if you are improving in strength

2.  Set a Weekly Goal – Making goals of losing 10lbs will be short lived because it is a superficial goal which really has no substance behind it.  I find that having a weekly goal like losing a pound a week is more realistic.  Even if you don’t lose any weight, keep in mind that you are losing inches, so measure those hips, arms, thighs, etc. Also, try to take the Fat test which calculates the % of fat you have and occasionally check if this percent has decreased.

3.  Schedule 7 Days of Exercise – You think I must be crazy. The thoughts also included ‘I am too busy. When do I have the time?’ I didn’t say you need to workout 7 days, I just said schedule 7 days because if you only schedule 3 days, sometimes life happens and you fall short of this goal and you’ll end up only exercising 2 days. At least with 7 days in mind, if life happens, you may only exercise 4 or 5 days which is better than 2 days. Also this puts you in a mindset that allows exercise to be a part of your life, instead of a hassle.

My New Workout Regiment:

Monday: Circuit Training
Tuesday: Hip Hop
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: Circuit Training
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Yoga Challenge
Sunday: Hot Yoga

Set unachievable goals because you’ll be surprised, they are easier than achievable goals.

4. Go with a Workout Partner – Sometimes when your down and out, a workout partner will motivate you to move. Sometimes little push was all you needed.  In my relationship, my boyfriend was the one whom kept on pushing me to workout when I was feeling lazy.  Now after that initial push, I maintained it on my own because I changed the way I live and the way I think about working it.  I love how it makes me feel especially on a stressful day after work.

5. Find an Activity that you Love – When you associate yourself with working out, you think weights, treadmill, bike, etc.  I even get bored of this but there are other ways to keep fit so you won’t get bored of the same monotonous routine.   That is why I have Yoga and Hip Hop on my schedule.   Try joining an organized sports team for it obliges you to go out and exercise.  I’m sure there will be a hobby for you that will motivate you to keep on moving.

I hope this will help you on your journey to becoming a better YOU!

– Liza Mae

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new season … new workout schedule

Posted on 11 September 2009 by Liza Mae V.

My regular routine for the past four months was to wake up with mi amore and work out with him.  I was really getting used to this routine but now that he is away, my life schedule has to change.  I decided to move my workouts to the evenings because the mornings are becoming darker and as a female, I am too afraid to be running around by myself.  Also, I figure that I have more time to kill and it will also keep my mind off things.  Of course weekends are an exception, so I will workout in the morning on the weekends.

So my workout schedule will be as follows:

Monday – Upper Body / Abs
Tuesday – Hip Hop
Wednesday – Running / Hills
Thursday – Legs or Hot Yoga*
Friday – Upper Body / Abs
Saturday – Running / Hills
Sunday – Legs

* Hot Yoga is new to me, so I’ll attempt one class and if I like it then I will continue. If not then I will just do legs.

What I find is that we lack motivation to workout but I have found my motivation … mi amore.  So I can look sexy for him when I see him again.  =)


– Liza Mae

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summer, summer, summer time …

Posted on 17 August 2009 by Liza Mae V.

Finally, a weekend of heat and sun.  It finally feels like summer.


This is usually our rest day in terms of exercise but he convinced me that we will have a light jog around the neighborhood parks and trails.  It was 9:30am and the temperature was already sizzling but I didn’t mind.  I enjoyed the company of him while taking in the sights and sounds of the city.  It didn’t really feel like the city because the trail ran by the Don river and we were surrounded with trees and bushes.  Also, I find people are friendlier on the trails – smiles, a wave, a simple “Hello”.  Simple gestures which you do not often see in the city where people look down or high and no one acknowledges your presence.  An hour later we arrived home.  I swear it was the longest run (est. 10K) of my 20-something life but it I enjoyed it.

After the run we had our breakfast and I crashed to bed.  I was refreshed to head to the beach to play some beach volleyball.  We arrived around 4pm but it was perfect since the sun was past its peak and the sand was not blistering hot.   Our favorite thing to do during the summer is to go to the beach because you can catch some rays, socialize, and be active.  We have met many people on the way which now I call friends.  I think I spend more time with them than my old-time friends due to the fact that we share volleyball in common.  After, we had dinner with a couple of vball friends  and it was good times.

Night ended late with some pillow talk.  I love the random conversations that we have, it brings us closer and he always seems to know how to make me laugh.


Another beach volleyball day with some good old BBQ.  The sand was blistering hot though which dampened my spirits to play.  When you are thinking about pain, it deters you from playing.  The day was relaxed and I am darker than ever.

Gotta love the summer!  I wish that I didn’t have to work today because I would definitely be back at the beach.  We spend too much time indoor when it was meant for us to be outdoors.  I’m not sure if this 9-5 life is structured for my ideal lifestyle.  I possibly need a job working outdoors in the summer time.  =)

– Liza Mae

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Bring Some Sunshine to your Workouts

Posted on 21 May 2009 by Liza Mae V.

I kick on my running shoes, my iPod in my jacket pocket, and water bottle in hand.  I look at my left hand with my stop watch at 00:00:00 and press start.  I am on my way to my planned destination of Withrow park.  I smell the air, feel the breeze on my face, and listen to my currently added album of Ciara – Fantasy Ride.  Something about this time of year brings excitement in the air.  People are generally happier due to the increase of mercury and sunshine, including myself.

So instead of working out in the gym, I take my workout outside.  I know I can get easily distracted and demotivated, so this brings a little more excitement to the mundane workout.   Last year my bf has trained me on how to do ‘practical workouts’ with using things that are available to us.  Here are some exercises you can do outdoors, main focus is lower body:

  1. Squats – Great for thighs and butt
  2. Step-Ups (both legs) – use a park bench, they are available everywhere
  3. Walking Lunges – place a marker for your finish line, feels great to finish instead of counting
  4. Calf Raises – reminds me of ballet and love the results of ballerinas lean legs

2 sets of 25 with a 30 to 40 seconds rest in between.  If you are new at working out, your rest period can be longer but try to shorten it every time to make the workout more intense.

I am a little crazy so after all this, I do sprints up and down a hill and time myself to see how much I have improved.   I run up and down …

  • 3x – 2 sets
  • 2x – 2 sets
  • 1x – 2 sets

Some days I just don’t have the time to do all this so I setup an obstacle course with a variation of the exercises above.  Quick 30 minute workout.  It consists of running to one park bench to another, then running around trees, and sprinting up stairs.  As long as you plan on what your obstacle course is, I find it very effective.  I time this as well, so that I have a goal in getting better each time.

So pick up your kicks and soak up the sun while working out.  You will get a fit body and a tan!!

– Liza Mae

For more fitness tips, visit Marci Lall

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lover’s quarrel

Posted on 22 February 2009 by Liza Mae V.

The early hours of Sunday morning I sit here with my earphones listening to a India.Arie’s new album Testimony Vol. 2 Love and Politics for the first time while feeling the material of the seat warm my bottom and seeing my love on my right peripheral sitting in front of his laptop.  A stranger would not even recognize that we had an argument a moment prior because it is usually calm after a storm.  I learned to let him digest his emotions or more so, it helps me to digest as well.  So here I sit, blurry visioned due to tears that formed in my eyes that are beginning to fall … drop by drop they shatter on my thighs.  Content in his eyes so deep I can feel them.  We are passionate lovers and unfortunately when we argue it is passionate as well.  Lately things have not been smooth and I am hoping this month of dread will end soon.  My co-worker told me that February is the month of gloom, so far I feel as though she is correct.

I have been negating his words and mine … the story begins.

As he was explaining to me the things that I have been doing to annoy him in the past week, I thought,

“that is a lot of shit I have been putting him through and yet he remains … he loves me.”

I wanted to smile but I didn’t think it was appropriate for the situation, so I smiled in my thoughts.  I can put the blame on him for what has been going on with us but I don’t like to blame my lover, for I know I have caused some of the turmoil.  Plus putting blame on someone does not resolve the situation … so I take each word that compose a sentence that rolls off his luscious lips, as-is.  No twisting it or defending myself, I come unshielded from the words that hurt.  I realize I was not being understanding or even listening to what he has to say because of my lack of humility.  I have been selfish. you the f**king best, your the best I’ve ever had” by Drake – Best I Ever Had I can’t say sorry because it does not solve anything  nor does it take back the facts of my actions/reactions.

I am going to meditate.

45 min. of dancing and cycling + 75 min. meditating + 30 min. in the shower = a grounded and relaxed Liza Mae. During that time I brought myself back to the ground and back to the present.  I realize I have been floating for awhile negating reality.  I broke down a couple times, once on the bike and the other while listening to India.Arie – He Heals me. ♪. I did not relate the song to him but to God instead.  I haven’t prayed to God in a long time and today was one day I needed to feel loved by him and he gave me the answers to my boundless questions.  One can call it a moment of enlightenment.

So I came downstairs and he was in the same spot I have left him, in front of his laptop.  I was going to grab his hand and he reached for me and held me tight.  This time I had tears of happiness because I have never felt so loved before.  The heated passion turned in to burning passion that released the conflicts of this morning.  It is great how time can heal an open wound and bring love back into the heart.

-Liza Mae

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Action Plan for 2005

Posted on 03 January 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Instead of a New Years Resolution … I am going to take an action plan because resolutions don’t quite work for me.  I need to take steps at a time to achieve something I truly want.  So here are the pieces of me …

MIND – My grades last semester has increased my confidence level.  I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.  In mid-semester, I almost broke down and gone through some panic attacks prior to a significant mid-term test.   I got over that during my exam period in which I really focused on what had to be done.  The reason I was so edgy during my mid-terms was because I did not have confidence in myself and thought of failing when I should have focused on passing or even getting a good mark.  I did not help myself … I just gave up so easily.  Now that things have changed and I have a  better outlook on my school, I am actually pumped to go back.  I can’t believe that in 1.5 years I will be an engineer.  That was even hard to type.  All the late nights of non-sleeping were worth it.

BODY – I know everyone wants to lose weight but I am trying to keep my weight but keep fit.  I’ve been keeping my weight (for those who are nosey … range from 105-110lbs … currently 107lbs) for a couple of years.  The thing I’ve noticed changing is the rigidity of my muscles.  They aren’t tight like they used to.  I need to do something about that.  The fact that G goes to the gym at least 3x a week is inspiring enough.  He is so well defined that I am jealous. lol.   I don’t want to fall loose on my words because I’ve been telling myself I would do this for the whole last semester.  I want to take one of those before and after pictures to see if I am actually progressing.  That’s a thought.

SOUL – I am free.  I have no hatred towards anyone and if anyone has anything against me … I would like to know so that I could clear them up ASAP.  I am striving for perfection … but I know I will never get there, but the fact that I tried … is good enough for me.  I want to love … and be loved because that is all that I can offer.  I am grateful for my past but I stand today … strong … great … & perfect … hoping for nothing less than the best.

<3 – Liza

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Time Limitations

Time Limitations

Posted on 07 November 2004 by Liza Mae V.

I feel so refreshed … I just took a relaxing bath provided by Lush “Purveyors of Fresh Handmade Cosmetics”. My skin feels so soft. Mmmm … I want to try their massage bars but I barely even have time to be pampered with one of those.

I miss idleness. I miss doing absolutely nothing. My schedule is so crammed that it stresses me out thinking about it. So I don’t really think about it. I just see what I have in store for the week and go with it.

I miss seeing him almost everyday. I miss looking forward to seeing him in my day. It is like we have to schedule when we will be available for each other. I feel like I don’t see him enough, but if I do … I feel like he will interrupt my studies … sometimes. I like him being around. I wish I had my own place but how can I give up … free home meals … breakfast in the morning … no laundry … no ironing … these things save me time in my week. Consider me spoiled by my parents. I am not the only one, my brothers are spoiled also. Many have told me that I need to break away from that because it steers me away from my independence. I believe it. (sigh)

The procrastinating ends. I have to go back to my studies.

<3 – Liza

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F . U . C . K (A Bad Day)

Posted on 13 January 2004 by Liza Mae V.

My home PC is pissing me off again … but what’s new ='( … before I came on this … I was very much relaxed … now this bitch is dampening my spirits …

F . U . C . K (that’s all I got to say)

Well another day of school … and how boring it is.    I do not like a single lecture and I’ve been to four different ones. I have a feeling that this semester is going to be a loong one … and there is nothing I can do but … bitch and complain about it … *sigh*…. ughhh

F . U . C . K

I have only spoken to one person on the phone today … and that was Stefan #2. I feel so comfortable around him … (sigh) …

S . M . I . L . E

This month is pretty planned out ….
Friday … Getting my hair did =)
End of the month … I’ll be at an Industrial Engineering Conference in Montreal
The Blanks … well school and part-time work fill those holes … so basically I don’t have a life until May … or my life is just school.   I joined the gym in hopes that I will use the membership to actually work this flabby body of mine … It needs to be conditioned the way I want for this motorcycle show that I might be in for the summer … oh summer … anyways … its too cold to think of those warm thoughts … I just need to … find myself a warm body pillow … with a heartbeat. That’s all I want.

Anyways … I’m out.


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