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Behind the May 2011 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper on LuxaVision

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Behind the May 2011 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper on LuxaVision

Posted on 01 May 2011 by Liza Mae V.

I designed May 2011 desktop calendar wallpaper on LuxaVision and it is getting quite the traffic and it really excites me to see such progress in such a short time frame.  I created this on PhotoShop CS4 – I know I should upgrade to CS5 but haven’t gotten around to it.  It is one of those things on my to-do list but isn’t on high priority, so it happens on a random day like today.  I was just gonna go to Timothy’s to relax and have a coffee with my MacBook Pro after a property showing and I walked by the Riverdale Mac store (which had such friendly and helpful staff – much better than the Apple store where it smells like foot funk) and it triggered a thought that I should get quote on how much it would be to get my DVD reader/burner replaced, which was a little bit more than I wanted to spend and made me inquire about upgrading my RAM.  This was something on my to-do list as well and thought the best time is now!  So I upgraded from 2GB to 8GB RAM awesomeness which will be 4x as fast!  I thought it was more important than a burner for I am on my MacBook Pro majority of my day and I burn a CD/DVD a few times a year.  So back to my point, I will eventually get to upgrading to PhotoShop CS5 but probably wait until CS6, knowing me, I mean I read that there aren’t significant changes between CS4 and CS5, so I’m not in rush, unless someone tells me something really cool about CS5 compared to CS4.

This is the May 2011 desktop calendar wallpaper but can be downloaded as large as 1440×900, just visit LuxaVision, or click on the image below to be redirected.

LuxaVision | May 2011 Desktop Calendar Wall Paper

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Behind the Scenes | Newborn Photography of Baby Kyla

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Behind the Scenes | Newborn Photography of Baby Kyla

Posted on 14 March 2011 by Liza Mae V.

I have been excited about shooting newborns since my first ever shoot with Baby Ayrianna.  It is something I am passionate about and whenever the opportunity strikes, I get an immediate high.  I used to think that newborn babies looked the same but after shooting them, you start to see the little features that resemble their parents, siblings, and other family members.  On this day of the shoot, I met Baby Kyla’s mother Karolina B. (whom I went to elementary school with), father, brother, grandparents, and great grandparents.  It was great energy having four generations around and seeing how different features transfer from generation to generation.  I get close up look at the baby, so I can distinguish where they get their small lips, coloured eyes, nose, hair, etc.

This is the behind the scenes look of my photo shoot of newborn baby Kyla, pictures courtesy of Karolina B.  This was taken in Baby Kyla’s grandparent’s home.  My main source of lighting is natural lighting on my left and I usually have a bean bag for the baby to pose comfortably on.  I have learned a lot from this shoot in terms of essential equipment to bring, number of looks on a shooting day, what baby poses work best, and many more (which I will talk about in another post – TBA).  If you need a newborn baby photographer or know anyone who is expecting, referrals are welcome.


Behind the Scenes | Photographing a Newborn

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