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Questioning Love

Posted on 29 November 2003 by Liza Mae V.

I’ve been thinking about all the relationships I had and with that I think of all the good times I have encountered yet still have not found “The ONE”. Maybe it is me and this thing I believe in “The ONE” may not truly exist yet I still yearn for it and hope that one day it will come my way but right now everything that is happening is all just a blur.

I can’t seem to figure out what I truly want or need because I am still trying to find … ME.

Sometimes I think I know exactly what I want and when it comes I will know but how will I know?  Will I see fireworks?  Will reality seem all too surreal that I will never truly know?

Sometimes I wish that everything I truly desire will pop up and I would stop questioning everything, for the answer is simple, or is it? I look at the people circling my soul and wonder,

“Why are you here? What brought you to my existence?”

or should I be thankful that you are here with me, sharing my most inner secrets which will lead you to find me … whoever that maybe.

Why is it that when someone seems all too perfect they are gone before you know it? And the ones whom you care about but don’t impact you as much as they did, keep coming back?

I wonder why I am the way I am  and why do people come to me for advice?  I am no different from you … I can just see clearly when the situation is not me, but when it is, I am so clueless that I question. I question everything with a simple word,


When I do get the answer, I still question the answer. It seems as though I’m in this internal loop trying to break from the way I see things. I just want to … know. But right now all I can do is listen to these love songs and listen to their inspiring theories … which makes me believe in this thing called “Love”.   I will dream about this man in my dreams which creeps in my fantasies ever so often. I will hold his hand till I wake to the sun rising beside me and my sheets.

I will believe … have faith … and see things the way … I perceive them to be. I will … question … and have answers. I will … be free and in love.

– Liza Mae

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