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Wardrobe Misfunction

Posted on 28 June 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I decided to go to the Guess store after summer school.  So I had picked up a couple of cute tank tops.  I picked up a size small green tank and I was noticing the difficulties of trying it on because the design of the top.  So I finally get the darned thing on and then I heard a ‘POP’ sound.  I looked down and my bra clasp broke.  It is one of those bras that close in the front.  I was like damn wtf just happened.  So I was calm and just asked a girl who worked there if she had a safety pin and she said they have it downstairs.  So I went downstairs and all they had were those pins for the mannequin so I tried to attach it with that and it worked to the point till I got outside of the store and I knew it would poke me, so I just took it off and walked with my one shoulder strap bag in front of my chest.  I was so embarrassed.  lol.  On top of everything I was wearing a yellow tank top so you could see through it … Oh my … Well I had laugh at myself … its all good.

-Liza Mae

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Memories … of highschool.


Memories … of highschool.

Posted on 23 June 2005 by Liza Mae V.

If I remember correctly … I just got my braces off in this picture so I was abusing the pearly whites.  Sue Me!?!  Well this brings back so many things in mind.  The days when I used to wear colored contacts … bleh.  It was the time of defining myself as a person … trying to find me.  Not saying I know myself completely NOW but for the most part I have a better understanding.  I do not miss high school but I definately miss the moments I shared with my peoples.

          Break dancing in the hall ways …
                      skipping class to hang out in the cafeteria …
playing dominoes/cards …
                            The Memories

I & Lawrence
calm and collected

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Posted on 14 June 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I learned not to talk about
X‘s with Y‘s … unless asked.
So I’ll just stick with the ABC‘s
because simply
not hearing
nor seeing
means not believing
in assumptions
made up in mind
because some times
some things
are better left unsaid.

-Liza Mae

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Liza in a nutshell

Posted on 10 June 2005 by Liza Mae V.


I seriously need to find anothing JOB because I can not pay my bills (VISA) with what I am making.  At this rate, I will be paying my VISA forever.  I should leave my VISA at home but I can’t seem to take it out of my wallet because I am living in this ‘what if I really need it’ mode?  I survived without it so why is it so hard to let go?  I have to let go.  There is no choice because I racked up almost $2000.  Today the VISA leaves my wallet.  *sigh*

That felt good typing. (not up yet)

I did find another job but I am not getting paid for it.  I am a Photographer/Arts Director for a up and coming webzine in TO.  I am psyched about this because once the webzine starts making money they are going to invest in a new camera.  It saves me $2000 from purchasing one.  *woot woot*  Plus I get to meet new people, party for free, and get to be a part of a great establishment.

Dance Lessons

Yesterday I went to my first dance lesson  and today I am sore.  I feel good besides the soreness, it shows that I am actually using my muscles.  I am noticing some places are getting flabby so I got to get rid of that.  I should really start joining the gym again because once a week isn’t enough … but its a start.

Love of my Life

I am so excited to see him tonight.  We are heading to the beach. 

I don’t know how he puts up with my mood swings.  Some days I just feel the need to question him because sometimes I just need to know where I stand and if there is a future.  I think I scare him with the future speeches because he lives in the today.  I should do that more often but I am scared that I am  just wasting my time.  He is doing nothing wrong for me to think this but I guess it is one of my fears.   I told him this and he was very understanding of me.  I am greatly appreciative of him.  When at I times I think there is nothing he could say/do that could calm me … he miracly does so.  *big sigh* 

-Liza Mae

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twisted point of view

Posted on 03 June 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I feel motivated to achieve something … but what?

I am missing the ‘umph’ that gives me reason to be somebody.  I feel like I am a housewive without kids nor a family.  I can’t say I am bored but its time to step out of this vacation that I’ve been living for the past month.  Why?  Because my mother, brother, and G have been on my back about not having a summer job.  Honestly I did not care until I went to work today and found how unsatisfactory I felt being there.  I lack job satisfaction.  I need to do something I like to do plus I get a pay check after all the hustle.  I love being powerful with money and not having to worry about the bills.  I like the thought of treating my friends without being broke.  I like giving … period.  That’s just me … but don’t think for a second that I am a push over.  I have control of self … but at the same time I love to lose control with the right person.  Dont’ get it twisted.

-Liza Mae

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