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Piece of Me

Posted on 30 September 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I am quiet,
I am shy,
amongst the unfamiliar …
but sometimes I walk tall
though I am vertically small
I sometimes think I know it all
when I know nothing.
I straighten my back and hold my head up high
not because I am stuck up
but because I was taught to
in ballet class … if I didn’t
the instructor would yell at my ass.
Sometimes, I do slouch
but I try not to because she told me
that it will make me look 2 inches smaller
instead of 2 inches taller.
Though it did not make a significant
difference physically,
for I am only barely 5 feet,
I felt confidence lift from beneath
these epidermic walls that cover me
and I was almost free …

-Liza Mae

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Weak Immunity

Posted on 11 September 2005 by Liza Mae V.

My weekend was pretty much uneventful because of my immunity.  I am sick again.  I swear I get sick every 4 months … the last time was when I was in Sacremento in May.  Ughhh … I really hate this feeling.

It hurts to swallow …
my head is pounding  ..
eyes are watery ..
stuffy nose ..
deafness … 
heavy coughing ..

G is coming by to drop some neo-citran.  How sweet.  =)  I can’t wait to see him.  I am going back to bed because I have to rest my body.

-Liza Mae

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Do I enjoy pain?

Posted on 08 September 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Well we kissed & made up … for now.

I know things haven’t been the greatest and I don’t know if they will ever reach that point again … but atleast I am not giving up too soon.  Or is it my delusion thats leading me to believe that I am not giving up but in reality it is really hard for me to let go?  Everyone knows how hard it is to say good-bye to someone you care about.  Am I that desperate?  I mean, why do us woman fall in love with the wrong type of man?  It feels like I love too much … or love being in pain, in which, I am a masochist.  Is love just a form of masochism?

-Liza Mae 

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Broken up … In NYC

Posted on 02 September 2005 by Liza Mae V.

So here I am in New Jersey and I am supposed to be having a very AWESOME vacation prior to school but I just came across a very BIG bump. Of course, it has to do with G. The one person I love to hear from, until now.

He called me while I was at Lemar’s. “I am currently on his computer.”

HIM: What are you doing?
HER: I am just watching a movie with Lemar.
HIM: Where are you staying?
HER: Prasands.

Then the bitching begins. I was wrong for not telling him where I was staying … but he was wrong for not asking prior to my trip. It is like he was scared of asking, and I was scared of saying due to my last trip to NYC. Yes, I should of told him, but if he was really concerned, he would of asked. The person you are with should be concerned about where you are going to be. He usually asks “Where am I staying”, “Who am I going with?” … but this time he didn’t ask the first. HOLD UP…I remember asking him, “Do you want the number where I am at?”…and he responded by saying, “I’ll call your cell.” and I remember feeling like … I guess he doesn’t want to know…denial can I say? WOW! I did intend to tell him before but before I could, he refused to know. That is very interesting. It is like he is setting me up to FAIL due to his past.

He says I was hiding and if I truly was, I would of lied, I would not offer the number at Prasand’s house. My intentions were not to hide but to be open. So I do not feel bad because this is what he wanted. He wanted me to be HER, the infamous ex. He can not bring me down with him. I am better than that, and I did not feel guilty for his wrongs. It seems I always put my self out there and he is the one with TRUST issues. If he doesn’t trust me now, how do I know he will ever trust me? And I can not let him take away my happiness which is partly, my friends, New York, and my sanity. I put my 100% in the relationship and he doesn’t appreciate it.

I only feel bad for myself because I let him make me feel like this, hurt.

I digress.

-Liza Mae

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