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Christmas Set … Then off on a jetplane

Posted on 23 December 2005 by Liza Mae V.

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Holidays 2005.

Posted on 15 December 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Lack of sleep
Increased stress levels.
This is the worst time of the year.
But its all over.
Finals are finally over!!

Now I have to work 10 days till I leave for my New Year’s trip.

December 25 – 26 (New York City)
December 27 (Iceland)
December 28 – January 3 (Paris)
January 3 – January 4 (New York City)

YAY!! I’m so excited. I wish though that G would of came with me. I’m going to miss him. Well when I look back at how our relationship came to be as it is now, we have gone through so much and things are only getting better. =) I am happy as I could be right now.

-Liza Mae

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back to the basics

Posted on 03 December 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I’ve come to terms with my school life … that this COULD be the worst school year amongst the past 3. My friends whom I usually hang out with and study with are doing co-op and I decided I should just continue learning without the experience because we eventually work our whole lives and just because I do not have experience doesn’t mean I will not find a job. I am optimistic when it comes to my career because I know I have enough desire to get a job if I wanted. I know it won’t come knocking at my door but with enough pursuit I will find what it is that I want. I am in school to get my degree, though it is something I do not enjoy fully, there are moments of satisfaction that gets me through my days.

I am procastinating as I type but I can not get over the fact that I do not have a study buddy. This totally sucks!?! Now I have to suck it up and learn to be independant and have self-discipline. I am tired of my silent cries due to my own self destruction. I do this to myself time and time again because I venture into directions where I should not be going. What can I say other than I am a sucker for love and I’d rather lay down with G on a saturday in his dark room watching re-runs of old movies on TBS … instead of reading my books for school .. ackkk I hate exams. I learn things then forget them the next day… pointless, but that is how the system works. I probably will only use 5% of what I learned in school because 95% of it is bullshit. The main lessons I learned in school are to work hard, think analytically, and learn to bullshit when it comes down to the nitty gritty. blarr..

Time to stick this knowledge within me … then forget it tomorrow. What is the meaning of EOQ again?

-Liza Mae

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