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Life in a nutshell.

Posted on 31 July 2006 by Liza Mae V.

So I’ve been silent for over a month now due to the whirlwind of occurances in which my life has taken. Tears have been released from the depths of my soul and the last drop was of joy. I’ve never seen someone appreciate a simple gift to that degree in my entire life. It was a joy to hear the tone in his voice, the speechless thank you’s, and the overjoyed emotions that rocked me to the core. What a priceless moment.

So what has Liza been doing for the past month or so?
Working retail,
working out,
Movie watching,
Playing Volleyball,
Job Searching,
Soul Searching,

So this weekend was Martina’s Birthday and we really hit it hard. It was a great weekend. The sweetest part of my weekend was when G came over and started playing my music while I was getting ready to go out. He happened to play one of my favorite songs by Stevie Wonder – Ribbons in the Sky. He was sitting in front of my computer while I was applying makeup infront of my sliding closet mirrors, and I turned to him and opened my arms and said, “Dance with Me”. He looked at me like I was crazy but sure enough he said yes. It was like the first time we bumped into each other on the dancefloor when we first met the second time, but our roles were reversed. So in the middle of my room, we danced to Stevie Wonder while I was on my tip toes since he is almost a foot taller than I. It was a very refreshing and fulfilling moment that I will never forget. While I was dancing with him and admiring the lyrics of the song, I was thinking, this is our wedding song, if that were the case — knock on wood.

-Liza Mae

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