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Posted on 27 March 2007 by Liza Mae V.

So here I am at my X-roads with my career … steering off to an unknown path.  Though the road does not seem to scary, I face a lot of animosity amongst myself.  Self-regret flutters through me like a seizure — it comes and goes.  I was pointed at a path and I followed.  Instead I should have followed my heart’s desire.  Now I am stuck at a place where I am dumbfounded by curiosity of what could of been, but I have to make choices, significant and profound. Passion seeps through my pours and my mind travels in warp speed.  Don’t know when to stop myself and make a decision.  I’m ready for a challenge but yet I want to be creative with it.  Some people don’t want me to succeed for whatever selfish reasons, and this is what makes me want to challenge myself further.  I want to go above and beyond current expectations to prove myself worth.  Don’t get me wrong … I am beyond happy in terms of OUR love.  I can’t ask for anything more but patience. I know once I get past this point of my life … it will just be a figment of challenges to come.  This is just a stepping stone to monetary/momentary happiness.  As a friend has told me of recent,

“people like to prepare for tomorrow without knowing exactly what will happen
however, that’s pointless
instead one should find stability within themselves
and adapt to the situations as they happen
need to make money to cover a new bill
people think that it’s more troubling that way
but the irony is
it’s more troubling to try to do it in advance
because it’s worrisome
and leads to paranoia
one’s stressed trying to do something before it happens”

So I will continue on with my imperfections and failures because that is a part of growing up.  All I have to do is faith and my dreams will follow.

– Liza Mae V.

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words worth reading

Posted on 11 March 2007 by Liza Mae V.

So I got a call from a comforting voice earlier and he made me aware that we are going on a ‘triple’ date … movies at 8 … be ready.

I feel like the days of drunk clubbing nights have gone and it is time to settle down.  The first words I uttered this morning were … “I’m content … I’m happy!”  This feeling is unfathomable.  As I smiled to myself in disbelief of what I was feeling, I sunk myself in my sheets and started reading “Everyone Worth Knowing” by Lauren Weisberger, a book I could barely put down.  I told myself last week that I should start to read again because working with people in retail didn’t exactly keep my sense of speech up to par.  So earlier in the week, I dragged myself to the local Chapters and browsed the different sections with a list in my pocket of my friend’s favorite books listed on their myspace book section.  So I managed to get a career related book with interviewing questions and answers, “Everyone Worth Knowing”, and “I Know This Much is True” by Wally Lamb.  So this week I found myself, watching less of MTV reality TV shows, and enjoying a good book.  So if anyone has recommends … feel free to comment.

I feel a sense of accomplishment because I actually acted on what I wanted to do, instead of putting it off.  YAY LIZA!!

– Liza Mae V.

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Future begins today…

Posted on 07 March 2007 by Liza Mae V.

So things are starting to pick up career-wise.  I just had 4 interviews in 2 days with 6 different people in the same organization.  It was intense, intimidating, but I love the challenge.  It gave me an opportunity to find my interviewing style, as well as gave me the confidence I was lacking.  I couldn’t say that I DID land the job but I did the best that I could with the best of my abilities.  Now it’s up to the employers to make that decision.

Now I am focused on landing myself a CAREER not a job.  I have another interview tomorrow but I am still applying because it is not over till the fat lady sings.

I thank those who were helping me through the process.  G surprised me with his enthusiasm and belief in me.  Everyone believes that I did well at yesterday’s interview and that I have a great opportunity, but I have no expectations.  Just seeing what happens.

Time to search for more jobs.

-Liza Mae

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