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New Beginning of an Engineer

Posted on 13 May 2007 by Liza Mae V.

So I’ve finally succeeded in this game of job searching.  I’ve landed a career job and my working life starts tomorrow.

Yesterday was my last day at SDM and it was a bitter sweet moment.  I thought I would feel completely happy that I was leaving but, I’ve had more than 8 years of memories there, and I will miss many of my co-workers.  Many said words of inspiration and appraised me for my work ethics.  I was actually kind of shocked and dumbfounded.  They even got me a nice watch to remember them by.  I thought it was a nice gesture.

So that chapter of my life has ended and a new one has opened.  I’m putting my education to good use and I’m fairly excited and nervous all at the same time.  I thank everyone who was there every step of the way with their support, especially G.  He helped through times of despair and failings.  He gave me the advice that I needed to keep going and persevere.  Without him, I think I would be lost and still job searching.  I’m so reluctant to have the opportunity to be with someone who encourages me and is willing to help me stay focused.  There is no denying that he is the number one reason why I even try.  I love him and he is the reason for me to believe in love, because he is my love.

So time to kick off the running shoes and uniform, and it is time to throw on the heels and suit …

-Liza Mae V.

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