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Typing Application Annoyances

Posted on 06 November 2007 by Liza Mae V.

You are in the middle of typing up one of the most inspiring/important document/blog in your life on your PC and you go back to edit a misspelled word or correcting your grammar structure and something devastating happens.

Your words are all messed up because the overwrite function is enabled, and you have no idea how it happened.  I’m sure it has happened atleast once in your life.  It is one of the many annoyances in life.  Not that it happens everyday but when it does, it seems to happen at the wrong time, like when you have a tight deadline or typing a story that is emotionally draining.  Why even have this function if it only causes grief?  So I found out how it happens by pressing the ‘Insert’ button, so obviously to disable it, you click ‘Insert’ again.  Now to step it up a little further I discovered that you can disable it totally by opening MS Word and do the following:

1. Right-click on the toolbar and select Customize from the context menu.

2. Click the Keyboard button.

3. Scroll down and select All Commands in the left list.

4. Scroll down the right list and select Over-type.

5. Select Insert in the Shortcut Key list.

6. Click Remove.

7. Click OK. It’ll never, ever come back.

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I hope that helps remove one of the annoyances in daily life.

– Liza Mae

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… electronic addication …

Posted on 05 November 2007 by Liza Mae V.

He left his shiny brand new game console, XBox360, in my room for months.  Played only a small fraction of time since being born into this world.  So I took matters into my own hands and unleash the true power.  I purchased ‘Guitar Hero III’ on Friday and the console has been working up a sweat, or more like I am working up a sweat.  I can not seem to put it down unless my fingers and wrists start hurting.  I never used my pinky and ring finger muscles so much in my life.  I did play piano when I was a child but that didn’t really exert much muscle exercise.  Now it is the beginning of the work week and all I can think about is that damn guitar.  I feel like such a kid again, playing Nintendo till the morning and telling my mother that I just woke up early to play. lol.


Your gal pal,

Liza Mae

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