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Tomorrow Starts Today

Posted on 08 May 2008 by Liza Mae V.

I do not feel guilty for doing what it is that i need to do at this moment.  As long as I am faithful to myself – I will no longer feel this guilt that others puts upon me.  I have been living someone else’s expectations and not fulfilling my own.  I have put myself aside for quite sometime that I have lost the person that I am.  I was running with this Rat Race … now I am at the finish line.

tomorrow starts today.

i digress.

-Liza Mae

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Dysfuntional Mind

Posted on 06 May 2008 by Liza Mae V.

i have been going through an emotional roller coaster …

ups . . ..                                                   highs ….                                                     .   &   .
&                                &                              &                                 ….                           .  .  .
. . . . downs                                                   . .  . . lows

i am happy when i am with HIM … but sad when i see the pain i have ’caused in him.
HE pushes me away slightly … he tries to pull me close but i resist.
i know this is new and fear the unknown with HIM … but i know he will fight or die for me.
i should stop thinking too far ahead.
i am here sitting at my desk.
i need to awaken the happiness that resides in me
instead of thinking of the unhappiness that surrounds me.

dysfunctional mind.

– Liza Mae

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i am … free

Posted on 02 May 2008 by Liza Mae V.

So I have come to a point in my life where …

I am.


I am in transcendence
breaking  this mold that I shaped myself to be
but it is more difficult than I expected.

I am trying to live in the present
and not concoct reality,
ultimately destroying all delusions.

As I am working on self – I am feeling at ease.
Finally letting go.

– Liza Mae

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