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Word of the Day:  Edify

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Word of the Day: Edify

Posted on 26 June 2008 by Liza Mae V.

Main Entry:
ed·i·fy Listen to the pronunciation of edify
transitive verb
Inflected Form(s):
ed·i·fied; ed·i·fy·ing
Middle English, from Anglo-French edifier, from Late Latin & Latin; Late Latin aedificare to instruct or improve spiritually, from Latin, to erect a house, from aedes temple, house; akin to Old English ād funeral pyre, Latin aestas summer
14th century

1archaic a: build b: establish
2: to instruct and improve especially in moral and religious knowledge : uplift; also : enlighten, inform

+ + +

“We have to do or change … to edify our relationship, not break it down”

Now I get the word and its full meaning.  So many changes that I have to go through to edify myself resulting in an enlightened self.  It is time to put old ways behind and finally grow up.  I have been playing this game for too long that I have become one with the game.  Time to  move on to another chapter in life.  It is time to rectify my thoughts and actions or inactions.

– Liza Mae

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Quick Thoughts About Change

Posted on 24 June 2008 by Liza Mae V.

“I have come to grips with the reality that
some people never change
though they try for the sake of another
true self comes to surface eventually.
True change can only happen when one realizes the need for change.

-Liza Mae

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Break Up to Make Up

Posted on 16 June 2008 by Liza Mae V.

We were supposed to meet up on Friday after work but he distanced himself because an eMail I sent him (that is another story that I will get into at a later date). So I ended up hanging out with friends at Luminato and the Condo on Grand. I realized he did not completely shut me out since he did call me and did want to see me but without a group around. So he picked me up downstairs.  The moment our eyes locked, there was a gravitational pull of our bodies. No words were exchanged – just passionate kisses and the yearning for each others touch. The passion exuded all other feelings and it felt like I haven’t seen him in months.  The moment lasted forever, so it seemed, and we became totally immersed with each other. (Melts at the thoughts).

We headed to Coffee Time so that we could converse more over coffee but also I needed to use the bathroom badly.  So we ran from the car to prevent ourselves from getting too wet from the storm.  We were the only customers there and the attendant seemed a bit awkward.  It was a weird atmosphere where beat-up drunks came for refuge after a long night.  We had noticed water had started leaking from outside and that was our queue to head out of the place.

The night continued till early morning …
– Liza Mae

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