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sliding doors

Posted on 29 July 2008 by Liza Mae V.

I wrote this on my Blackberry while on the subway.  There are two ways you can read it.  All in one long stride or skip formats.  So read all the regular fonts first – then the italicized.  The italicized is what actually was occurring on the subway and the regular font is what I was thinking during those moments.


So I am standing at Pape station after my Hip Hop dance class wondering why I am standing alone?!? 100 metres of him … I. step on the train and I am getting farther and farther…

station . stop . station .
People exit … people enter … people sit
People read … Little boy sneezes …

I have little tolerance but I am patient. I rather not fight so I surrender. I stepped on the train as he wanted.

Victoria Park …
2 more stops ’til mine.
Victoria Park …
At a stand still …
Waiting patiently.
Listening to “Losing my way” by Justin Timberlake.

I take things as they are. If the light is Green – I go, if it is Red – I stop.

Boy stares in to my eyes.
My eyes smile.

I no longer run reds because I am trying to listen to your words from your lips and your eyes, I do not negate them.

Kennedy.  I am at my stop.

– Liza Mae

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Protected: Just do it!

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Protected: Just do it!

Posted on 29 July 2008 by Liza Mae V.

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Canada’s Wonderland Adventure

Posted on 21 July 2008 by Liza Mae V.

Yesterday I headed to Canada’s Wonderland with mi amore for his work’s annual event.  I was stoked because I love roller coasters.  So on our drive there I wasn’t feeling too good.  On top of that the weather wasn’t the greatest – it rained all day, which didn’t help my sick situation.  So we had the buffet which included hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.  I packed my plate to which I thought I could handle.  I ate half a hot dog and it felt like it wasn’t going down, the way it should.  So I pushed the plate over and drank Sprite hoping the feeling would subside.  I sat and waited … sat and waited.  I started to get hot flashes and my stomach started to turn.  I ran to the bathroom and puked 2x in the toilet.  I thought I would feel better but boy was I wrong.  I was walking and it happened again but this time in a bush.  lol.  James saw this time and watched in disgust.  The bile was pink (I say it was from the hot dog).  So we ended up sitting in my car fora couple of hours hoping it would surpass but I puked 2 more times.  After that I felt fine and we ended up going on Behemouth (biggest roller coaster in Canada and worth it!) and a couple rides after that.  Fun times.

So now I am home, afraid to eat anything, and have the biggest headache ever.

I am craving McDonalds but whatever!!?!?!

-Liza Mae

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Quote of the Day

Posted on 10 July 2008 by Liza Mae V.

Funny that I found this in an email from work.  It seemed to fit the moment (blog about later):

“You do not have VICTORY if you do not have problems.
You have VICTORY if your problems don’t have you.”

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Res – Tsunami

Posted on 08 July 2008 by Liza Mae V.

I feel so nice just when you’re here
The reason why is not so clear
I knew the first time when you told me
I’d fall in love just as you’d hold me

And now I want to stay at your side tonight
I want to watch you as the sun lights up your eyes
I want to know when you wake first thing you see is me
You’re all the things I prayed that I’d meet

Ride, ride this wave of mine
There’re brighter things out on the other side
Ride, ride this wave of mine
I know that things are going to be alright

Moments they come and then they go
You’ll feel so high and then before you know
I could of sworn our future was set in stone
But I guess some things it’s just as well forGod to know

So now I concentrate on turning wrong to right
I’m going to let go things I held inside so tight
I’m going to live and let forgive things said in spite
Clear out the smoke and usher in the light


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