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Pillow Talk: Visions & Goals

Posted on 31 March 2009 by Liza Mae V.

After a long tiring day mi amore and I usually lay in bed and conversation about random things on our minds.  Last nights topic was around our visions and goals.  He called me out on a couple of things:   slacking on my photography, spend too much time on facebook/twitter when I can be doing something productive, not working on my beach bod and that I am simply not motivated.  So I heard those words loud and clear and it stuck.  For how long?  Who knows but the fact that I am writing about it shows that I will do those things I negated to do.  I will simply put some time lines in place so I will have some urgency to complete my tasks.

  • Edit lizamae[dot]com’s Posts from LJ – estimated 250 posts (May 1st)
  • Edit photos for web portfolio/photo book/flickr (April 13)
  • Design website for (April 27)
  • Get more photography clients (on going)
  • Weight train minimum of 3x a week (start this week)
  • Eat healthier

So I will update every Monday on my progress of these things.  Wish me luck!

-Liza Mae

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Sunday Blues

Posted on 29 March 2009 by Liza Mae V.

I sit in the dining room staring at this blank canvas.  The room is empty with just this seat and 3 others like it, and a dining table .  Leela James “I Want to Know What Love Is” playing in my white earphones.  I gaze out the front window, seeing the gloominess and rain outside.  My stomach is growling but I am demotivated to make anything due to my gloomy state but I may give in.  I feel as though I haven’t written in a long time and even though I am writing now, I have no substance to speak of.  I want to hide under my sheets and wake up to the sunshine.

The show went well but I will post about it once I am in the right mind state.

Ciao for now!

– Liza Mae

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a near but distant memory

Posted on 03 March 2009 by Liza Mae V.

I digress into my empty bed with thoughts of him in my head …
skin touching skin within the confines of this room
filled with a single mattress on the floor
where scattered sheets cover us from the world of chaos
I touch the skin protecting his stomach
inch by inch I feel the bumps and curves of his masculinity
I paint a picture with my fingers … in my mind
memorizing every little detail and intricacy of his kind
for he is truly beautiful and divine.
We’ll be together in time but for now
I have this near but distant memory.

– Liza Mae

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