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Bring Some Sunshine to your Workouts

Posted on 21 May 2009 by Liza Mae V.

I kick on my running shoes, my iPod in my jacket pocket, and water bottle in hand.  I look at my left hand with my stop watch at 00:00:00 and press start.  I am on my way to my planned destination of Withrow park.  I smell the air, feel the breeze on my face, and listen to my currently added album of Ciara – Fantasy Ride.  Something about this time of year brings excitement in the air.  People are generally happier due to the increase of mercury and sunshine, including myself.

So instead of working out in the gym, I take my workout outside.  I know I can get easily distracted and demotivated, so this brings a little more excitement to the mundane workout.   Last year my bf has trained me on how to do ‘practical workouts’ with using things that are available to us.  Here are some exercises you can do outdoors, main focus is lower body:

  1. Squats – Great for thighs and butt
  2. Step-Ups (both legs) – use a park bench, they are available everywhere
  3. Walking Lunges – place a marker for your finish line, feels great to finish instead of counting
  4. Calf Raises – reminds me of ballet and love the results of ballerinas lean legs

2 sets of 25 with a 30 to 40 seconds rest in between.  If you are new at working out, your rest period can be longer but try to shorten it every time to make the workout more intense.

I am a little crazy so after all this, I do sprints up and down a hill and time myself to see how much I have improved.   I run up and down …

  • 3x – 2 sets
  • 2x – 2 sets
  • 1x – 2 sets

Some days I just don’t have the time to do all this so I setup an obstacle course with a variation of the exercises above.  Quick 30 minute workout.  It consists of running to one park bench to another, then running around trees, and sprinting up stairs.  As long as you plan on what your obstacle course is, I find it very effective.  I time this as well, so that I have a goal in getting better each time.

So pick up your kicks and soak up the sun while working out.  You will get a fit body and a tan!!

– Liza Mae

For more fitness tips, visit Marci Lall

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anxiety strikes again

Posted on 15 May 2009 by Liza Mae V.


I woke up with this feeling.

Now my heart pounds faster with every short breath … muscles in my shoulders and lower back tense.

I hate this feeling.

I want to crawl up in my sheets and sleep, dismissing my life for a moment.  Then when I wake the anxiety will be another thing in the past.

heart beats … at least I know I am alive, though am I truly living?  I feel as though I am dying inside.

I want to be lethargic but I am melodramatic.  Feelings of sadness reside.  I want to cry but the tears don’t want to seem to fall, not even the eyes want to water because my emotions run dry.

The motion of escapism is in my mind but that seems impossible now.

I am begging anxiety to pass, I take deep breathes hoping it will calm my heart but instead my muscles in my shoulders pains me, and I want to release but my current situation restricts me from doing just that.

I am running…



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Gemini’s Horoscope: Opinions

Posted on 11 May 2009 by Liza Mae V.

Monday, May 11th, 2009 — The confusing thing about today is that everyone seems to have an opinion about what you should do, but none of their great ideas feels exactly right to you. You might even question your own judgment, wondering how others can see what you cannot. Self-doubt is unproductive; just listen to your inner voice now, even if it’s contrary to the advice you are receiving.


Some may think I am a dreamer because I state things that seem unrealistic … to them.  In their own realm they think my dreams are things out of this world but to me, these ‘dreams’ are going to be my reality.  If one limit’s their thought to what they think, they will never be more.  Though the doubters sometimes  make me revisit my dream, I still come to the same conclusion.  I laugh at the doubters and the haters because I kindof feel sorry for them.  I want to be more than a person living this rat race of life.  I am more than that … I am.

– Liza Mae

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