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Bird Bath | Taken with Instagram and Camera+

Bird Bath | Taken with Instagram and Camera+

Posted on 26 September 2011 by Liza Mae V.

I have grown to love my iPhone camera for it takes random moments like this picture of birds taking a bath in a puddle. Also, since I’ve been car-less, my walks allow me to appreciate little moments such as these for the world is at a slower pace. I encourage you to walk for it is good exercise and you start to notice things around you instead of letting the moment pass you by.

I used Camera+​ ​and Instagram to process the photo below:

Bird Bath - Taken with Instagram and Camera+

– Liza Mae

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Where will life take you?

Posted on 13 September 2011 by Liza Mae V.

“What is a journey?

A journey is not a trip.
It’s not a vacation.
It’s a process. A discovery.
It’s a process of self-discovery.
A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.
A journey shows us not only the world,
but how we fit in it.

Does the person create the journey or does the journey create the person?

The journey is life itself.

Where will life take you?”

I’ve been wondering ‘Where will life take me’ for the last few months for my life changes have been more than I have anticipated.  I’m at another crossroads of life where there are more than two options.  As I look back at the last two years of life, it has been quite an amazing journey and wouldn’t go back for I have learned a lot about myself and life.

I have made mistakes along the way but what’s life without mistakes?

I’ve grown, developed, but quite possibly digressed.  I thought I had my life together nearing the dreaded age of three-zero but it feels far from that.  I know that this phase will pass like every crossroad I have encountered for life is about reinventing yourself time and time again.  I wonder if the reinventing stage ends at any point?  I guess it does, now that I think about it, it stops at death.

I’m not too sure where my journey will be or where life will take me but all I know is that it will be a hell of a ride.





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Wunderlist - Beginners Guide to Wunderlist

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Wunderlist | To Do List App Review

Posted on 12 September 2011 by Liza Mae V.

Wunderlist is a to do list app which is available for  iPhone, Android, iPad, on PC, Mac or on the web. I’ve been testing different apps for my iPhone  and Wunderlist is one of my favorites.  This is a quick review of Wunderlist – a to do list app.

Features of Wunderlist

  • Accessibility – You can go from your phone to your iPad to your laptop with ease.
  • Minimalistic design – Pretty straight forward and visually appealing
  • User friendly – Once you do the default tutorial, you are ready to create lists and tasks
  • Share lists – Whether you are planning a party with friends or doing a project with coworkers, you can collaborate with others
  • Set reminders – You can set up task reminders to email and/or notify you by phone
  • Filter tasks based on due date – For example (Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days)
  • Instantly Synchronize – With a click of a button or shortcut (Cmd/Ctrl + S) you can sync your list
  • FREE App!

Getting Started with Wunderlist

Download Wunderlist for your all your machines – iPhone, Android, iPad, on PC and/or Mac.

Wunderlist - 6 Wunderkinder

Register for your FREE Wunderlist account in 3 easy steps.

Wunderlist - Register Screen

Beginners Tutorial for Wunderlist

When you first use Wunderlist, there is a default to do list which is the hands on approach on how to use Wunderlist.  This is a useful beginners guide and teaches you how to (as depicted in the image below) …

  • Create a new task
  • Add lists
  • Edit tasks
  • Change backgrounds
  • Synchronize list and tasks
  • Use shortcuts
Wunderlist - Beginners Guide to Wunderlist

NOTE: Approximate time for Wunderlist tutorial is 10 minutes

For more extensive tutorials visit Wunderlist FAQ/Tutorial sites:

Shortcuts for Wunderlist

For MAC users, please replace Ctrl with Cmd.
Add a Task – Ctrl + N or Ctrl + T

Add a List – Ctrl + L

Search – Ctrl + F

Synchronize – Ctrl + S

Toggle Sidebar – Ctrl + B

Navigate Lists – Ctrl + up/down

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