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Getting Through Struggles of Life

Getting Through Struggles of Life

Posted on 09 April 2012 by Liza Mae V.

Chat Dialogue About Life Struggles:

8:31:54 PM Liza Mae: as you know I have an addictive personality
8:31:57 PM Liza Mae::and you more so
8:31:57 PM Liza Mae: lol
8:32:20 PMLiza Mae: but i’m addicted to something bad
8:32:33 PMLiza Mae: it numbs my life
8:32:39 PMLiza Mae: so I don’t feel shit
8:32:44 PMLiza Mae: feel confused
8:32:45 PMLiza Mae: anxious
8:32:47 PMLiza Mae: lost
8:33:31 PM Liza Mae: but i gotta stop
8:33:36 PM Liza Mae: i need to go through the pain
8:33:41 PM Liza Mae: the struggles
8:33:57 PM Liza Mae: of life.
8:34:30 PM Liza Mae: for the only way through it is to go through it … not around it ..
8:34:34 PM Liza Mae: and ignore it
8:34:56 PM Liza Mae: i need to challenge myself to just get through this bumpy part of my life
8:35:05 PM Liza Mae: i need to stop ignoring the issues
8:35:44 PM Liza Mae: I need to stop second guessing myself
8:35:50 PM Liza Mae: I just need to do
8:36:03 PM Liza Mae: for there are dreamers who wish it will happen
8:36:09 PM Liza Mae: and there are doers who make those dreams happen
8:36:25 PM Liza Mae: I need to figure out what will bring me closer to God
8:37:43 PM J: is that a post ?
8:37:50 PM Liza Mae: no just wrote it now
8:38:07 PM J: wow, that’s good
8:39:13 PM Liza Mae: seriously though
8:39:21 PM Liza Mae: I gotta stop pretending
8:39:28 PM Liza Mae: that I am ok
8:39:31 PM Liza Mae: I am not okay
8:39:45 PM Liza Mae: and it is perfectly fine to NOT be okay
8:39:50 PM Liza Mae: for everyone struggles
8:39:56 PM Liza Mae: through pain
8:40:28 PM Liza Mae: everyone struggles with life
8:40:44 PM Liza Mae: we were born out of struggle
8:40:56 PM Liza Mae: when our mothers gave birth to us
8:41:33 PM Liza Mae: so why is life no different
8:41:38 PM J: yeah, everyone struggles with different things at different times
8:41:56 PM J: it’s all a struggle

Pain & Struggles of Life - Challenge Yourself

Self Assessment of Life Struggles

In the last few months I’ve been trying to figure out the all-in-one answer to all of my pondering questions and problems of life but realize that there is no all-in-one answer. I’ve been struggling through many different issues and try to fix them all at once to make my life perfect, without struggle, without any problems but I’m starting to realize that life will always have problems but how will you over come it?

Some people, including myself, deal with it by numbing the reality with addictions whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex, or whatever self inflicting actions that will numb the hard times but this is not the route one should take, for obvious reasons.  During these times you are trying to construct your life not destruct it, so start building. I keep telling myself that I just have to get through it, no matter how difficult it may be for one day everything will be okay and I can look back at this time of my life as another lesson learned.

– Liza Mae

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