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Gemini’s Horoscope: Opinions

Posted on 11 May 2009 by Liza Mae V.

Monday, May 11th, 2009 — The confusing thing about today is that everyone seems to have an opinion about what you should do, but none of their great ideas feels exactly right to you. You might even question your own judgment, wondering how others can see what you cannot. Self-doubt is unproductive; just listen to your inner voice now, even if it’s contrary to the advice you are receiving.


Some may think I am a dreamer because I state things that seem unrealistic … to them.  In their own realm they think my dreams are things out of this world but to me, these ‘dreams’ are going to be my reality.  If one limit’s their thought to what they think, they will never be more.  Though the doubters sometimes  make me revisit my dream, I still come to the same conclusion.  I laugh at the doubters and the haters because I kindof feel sorry for them.  I want to be more than a person living this rat race of life.  I am more than that … I am.

– Liza Mae

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Gemini’s Horoscope: Little Adventure

Posted on 02 December 2008 by Liza Mae V.

Gemini Horoscopes

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Tuesday, Dec 2nd, 2008 — However impractical you are now, it’s not going to stop you from planning your next little adventure. You are thinking big and could easily turn a trip to the corner store into a backpacking trek through the rugged high country of Tibet. While others may be laughing at you because they think your ideas are too far out, you’ll get the last laugh when you send them postcards from the top of the world.


I liked today’s horoscope. =)

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Gemini’s Horoscope

Posted on 12 August 2008 by Liza Mae V.

Hers Gemini — If you have made a practice out of avoiding commitments, today could offer you a difficult choice. You may present a convincing case around your desire for intimacy, yet still retreat emotionally when someone gets too close to your heart. If there was ever a wise time to muster up your courage, this would be it. You don’t need to repeat old patterns just because you’re afraid of getting hurt.

His Aries  — You may withdraw your support today for someone because you want your message to get across loud and clear. Or you might need to disengage from a project that you feel has gone astray. In either case, pay careful attention to your motives, for your actions may not be helpful to anyone if they are based on fear. Conserving your energy makes sense, but don’t make someone else pay for your faulty planning.


Found this interesting connection and insight between horoscopes.  Trying to digest it.

– Liza Mae

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Dreams … a step into the Psychic Realm?

Posted on 26 August 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Lately I have been having very distinct dreams and I have remembered alot of the details and should of written them down but I think about it the whole day and try to decipher what it means.  My dreams are very inquisitive about the things that bother me.  For example, today I dreamt about my marks that I got in summer school and prior to that I wished that I just passed my classes.  So I dreamt my mark and I just checked 2 minutes ago and that is what I actually got, well close enough, I dreamt a + insted of a -.  Anyways, I think my dreams predict my life but sometimes they are wrong and just reiterate my worries.  I guess we all have a psychic in us but it only comes out in our dreams.  It is very scarry.  I do believe in psychics and horoscopes because it just makes sense, sometimes.  The catholic church states that we shouldn’t go to psychics because they are nearing us to the devil.  They say that psychics tell you half-truths to deceive us into the full-truth.  I’ve been to 3 psychics and some things became true and other things didn’t.  They were precise in the things that were not too far in the future but the far-fetched things always seem to change like, how many kids I have, etc.   So I agree with the catholic church in that they tell you half-truths, but does that really lead me to the devil?  Blar.  I hope not. 

Hrmmm … let me check my horoscope in the Toronto Star and what it has in store for me.

GEMINI – Coming soon is a moment of liberation that you have long aspired to achieve.  You don’t need very much encouragement to get motivated.  Resolve to rise above all the madness that surrounds you, then nothing will ever get you down.

The problem with daily horoscopes are that they are very cryptic but obviously they have to keep it that way so that it relates to various people.  I liked this one today because it feels true.  Yes, call me naive into being suckered into this whole horoscope thing but I believe it.

-Liza Mae

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