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NYC breakup or just separated?

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NYC breakup or just separated?

Posted on 11 July 2011 by Liza Mae V.

I am going through a breakup anxiety!

View from Battery Park in the Summer

I am breaking up with my long lost lover of New York City, or maybe just a separation?  I have no idea for I have to figure out a couple things in my life before that can happen.  As I come to terms with the reality that I have to come home to Toronto, it feels like my world is crumbling at its core.  This has been the longest I’ve ever been in New York City for my trips usually last for a weekend and the longest was one time during spring break in university where I stayed for a week.  Now that I’ve been here for a month, I have fell in love with the city harder than I ever have.

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How I Fell in Love with New York City

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How I Fell in Love with New York City

Posted on 15 June 2011 by Liza Mae V.

It was the summer of 1994 when I first travelled to New York City.  I was 11 years old and it was a summer road trip with my family where we went from Toronto-Ottawa-Vermont-New York City-Toronto.  It was quite a scenic trip and I loved the mountains in Vermont and remember going through a bridge that had a house structure covering it.  Then as we got closer to the city you can start to notice the congestion of vehicles and buildings starting to emerge.  I have visited New York City before this but I was even younger and didn’t really appreciate or care to notice my surroundings.  This time was quite different for I was pre-teens and can comprehend the greatness that was New York City.  This is not my first time writing about New York for I did a comparison 5 years ago, New York vs. Toronto, and looking back I shouldn’t of let anyone hold me from my dreams, another story, another day.

I Love New York - Liza Mae

I loved the busyness that filled the streets of New York City.  You can feel the energy in the air and the bright lights everywhere.  I remember hanging out with my cousin and her friend on the front building steps in Astoria, Queens, listening to music-filled cars blaring salsa or hip hop music or passerby’s talking amongst each other.  This is when I started people watching for amusement.  I watch the way people move, interact, dress, and try to analyze what kind of person they are.  I can do this for hours and New York City is an awesome city to do so.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

New York City isn’t for everyone but I love it. What makes me love it even more is the friends that I have met throughout the years. It is one of the main reasons I keep coming back for I love them and I have a couple of my favorite people here.  Every time I visit it seems I gain a new friendship through friends of friends or just randomly.  You are guaranteed to see a new face every time you step outside, so the amount of interactions is endless.

For some reason I still remember 2 songs that remind me of my first trip to New York City which I had to check release years to validate that my memory served me correct.  It was 1994 when TLC released CrazySexyCool and Aaliyah (RIP) released Aged Ain’t Nothing but a Number.  These are the two songs that bring back the memories of New York City at the age of 11.

TLC – Creep

Aaliyah – Back and Forth


My closest friends from Toronto keep telling me that New York City is where my heart belongs.  In 2006 I wrote about New York vs. Toronto and I still feel the same way 5 years later minus the ex.  I’m not too sure if I am convinced to move but I definitely do not eliminate it from my future. Anything is possible but for now I will continue to love New York City for all that it has to offer and I’ll try to figure out where and what my next steps are going to be.

Until then … just gonna roll with the punches.

– Liza Mae

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Summer in New York

Posted on 08 September 2004 by Liza Mae V.

I am back in school and I have to kill time because I come to find out that my first class is a lab and there are never labs in the first week of school.  Blar. I actually have motivation to be here but I feel like today was a waste of a day because I have one class which I am not even registered in because the section I wanted to get in is full, so I have to convince someone in that section to switch to another section.

Anyways, I am back from my trip from New York City/New Jersey.

THURSDAY >> My cousin and I arrived at JFK at noon where we would meet her boyfriend and he was supposed to take us to my cousin’s hotel but his misdirection lead us to Jone’s Beach, then to Yonkers, BX.  As every second passed with us being lost, I became irate.  Two hours of being lost to end up in a different destination then planned.  The final destination was at his work in Yonkers where my cousin and I would drop him off and go to Woodbury Commons to shop.  I could tell that my cousin was upset that he didn’t get us to the hotel but she acted like everything was okay.  I know I wasn’t okay with it.  I wanted to be in the city not in the Bronx.  The whole drive to Woodbury she was talking about  her relationship and I was annoyed because she is in ‘stand-still’ relationship. I just want to say to her that it isn’t going anywhere but everytime I try to give her my perspective on things, she thinks I am too young and naive to understand.  So I just sit and listen then get annoyed.

Luckily Lemar came and got me and took me away from my cousin who was getting on my nerves.  I went back to Teaneck, NJ and as Lemar pulled up in front of Prasand’s apartment, I had asked Lemar to come in with me but he refused.  I felt uncomfortable about the situation.  Call me spoiled but he didn’t even help me with my bags.  I was semi-upset.  I like to introduce my friends to friends and the fact that he didn’t want to I was skeptical about our relationship.   So I dragged my bags to the front door where Prasand would greet me with a hug.  I was happy and relieved to see him and everything that I felt prior just escaped me.  So I dropped my bags and I went to the Cafe with Lemar because I was starving.  After we went back to his place to watch some movies.  As my eyes started to get irritated and I was starting to fall asleep, I decided it was time to go back to Prasands apartment.  Lemar was falling asleep at this point and I had asked him to drive me back but he kept on saying ‘in 30 min’ every 30 minutes.  I was getting upset because I wanted to go.  Usually when I ask something from someone I don’t have to ask twice unless they didn’t hear me the first time but he heard me but he wasn’t listening.  I was just thinking of calling the taxi but I thought why should I do this?  He should bring me home.  So finally he dropped me.

Prasand and I watched Howard Sterns movie.  The last time we interacted he was in a very mellow, quiet, sad mood and it seemed like I couldn’t do anything about it because pain heals with time.   I don’t like to see my friends in pain and I wished I could take the pain away just for a second but this time around he was in a more uplifting playful mood.  It was nice seeing this part of Prasand shine through again.

FRIDAY >> I took the bus to the city all by my lonesome where I was expecting to see Bobby.  As I exited the subway station I would also meet and greet Tiffany and her friend Tiffany.  We talked briefly as we were walking down 6th Ave., then Bobby and I split from the Tiffanys.  We walked and talked about 60 blocks and arrived at South Street Seaport where we would buy expensive ice cream that melted quickly on my white pants.  Argh.  I realized that it was the first time that we hung out in NYC, prior to that we only hung out in Toronto.  It was nice seeing him because he always seems to put a smile on my face.  =)

I came back to NJ where Prasand and I would watch Bourne Supremacy at the local theatre.  I was so exhausted from the walk earlier in the day that I feel asleep half way through.  We walked back to the apartment where I would pass out soon after.

SATURDAY >> I woke up with the sun in my eyes and a hungry stomach.  So I called Lemar to have breakfast at IHOPS.  I heard good things about this place, so I had to try it.   I had a breakfast sampler which consisted of 2 of everything (eggs, canadian bacon, bacon, sausage, pancakes).  I cleaned my plate with pleasure.  It was great.

We decided to go to the beach in South Jersey and I ran in the water without a care while Lemar was afraid of the cold water and slowly dipped himself in.  It was cold for the first minute then the temperature was comfortable.  I think its better to deal with the pain of the cold faster then to take my time.  I’ve been bugging everyone to go to the beach and I finally got to.  It was relaxing.  I enjoy the sounds of the water hitting the shore, feel of the sand between my toes, smell of the breeze from the wave, sight of the sun glistening against my skin, and the taste of the salt on my lips from the water.  I love the beach.

At night, Lemar and friends brought me to a club called Copacabana.  It was spacious and expensive.  Usually clubs in Toronto are about $10 cover and drinks $5, but at this club it was $25 cover and $12 drinks, but since I was on vacation I decided it was okay to splurge.  I enjoyed it until the pain from my stilletos kicked in.  The pain we woman go through just to look good.  Blar.  Then we headed to Lemar’s friends place where we would eat and talk.  He conveyed to me that he thought I was annoying referring to the night of Thursday.  I automatically got defensive because I was offended by the comment.  At this point I wanted to leave.  I got to the apartment at 6am  and knocked out.

SUNDAY>> I was exhausted the whole day.  Nando would came and got me and we ate at a little spot called Green Bo’s Restaurant in China town.  He was a big guy and I felt like midget around him…lol.  All he could talk about is his girlfriend.  I guess that’s what happens when you fall in love with someone and spend most of your time with them.  All you know is them.

Overall it was great trip and I can’t wait to go back.

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