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75 Simple Pleasures of Life

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75 Simple Pleasures of Life

Posted on 16 February 2011 by Liza Mae V.

As I read through Zen Habits list of 75 Simple Pleasures I thought it would be nice to make a list of my own.  I have always made these lists in my written journal but why not share it with the world.  It is just simple things that make me smile and be happy.  It is not too complicated nor costly, just simple.  Sometimes these things are what keep me moving especially when the current is going against me.

Note: Not in any particular order, just random thoughts.

Red Lobster - A Simple Pleasure

  1. Waking up to a warm body
  2. Sunshine after the rain
  3. Sweet mangoes
  4. Kid’s laughter
  5. Hot coffee on a cold day
  6. Feet against the sand
  7. Swimming through warm water
  8. Snorkeling
  9. Dancing Mindlessly
  10. Making someone laugh Continue Reading

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Concepcion, Ilo Ilo | Philippines

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Living the Simple Life | From the Philippines

Posted on 14 February 2011 by Liza Mae V.

Concepcion, Ilo Ilo | Philippines

View from my Window – Concepcion, Ilo Ilo

an edited excerpt from a journal entry I found when I was in the Philippines dated April 27, 2010.


Today I woke up at 6am for I slept earlier due to exhaustion of the previous day.  My cousin, Tonette, yelled to me to grab my camera.  I ran to the patio deck that looked out to the sea and mountains that surrounded it.  The breath of freshness refreshed my face and the smell of the salt water was like heaven.

Two months earlier I did not imagine this, sitting at my cubicle of my engineering job.  I am content and I know the future has many brighter days ahead.

Continue Reading

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Homeless Serenity

Posted on 20 July 2010 by Liza Mae V.

I wrote this last week but never truly finished it but here it is …

Today I woke up and I felt sort of down because we have to move again.  I have lived in so many places in 2010 I feel like I have no home to just relax.  My timeline really started in 2009 where I’ve been moving place to place, today will be the 10th new place I will be moving into. I’ve been living out of my suitcase ever since I arrived in China in March 2010. This may be part of the reason why I am feeling kind of lost.

During the time I’ve lived in different places I’ve left a part of me … mentally and spiritually. Some days I find myself day dreaming of the places I’ve been and faces I’ve encountered. The little boy on the street still haunts me now and then, even typing it makes me teary eyed.

When I first arrived to Manila, Philippines, my Tita Heidi picked me up from the airport. She weaved in and out of chaotic traffic filled with different types of vehicles such as Jeepney’s, Tricycles, Motorcycles, and of course pedestrians. It was humid and hot and I was grateful to have been in an air conditioned car. We finally pulled up to a stop light and a little boy, age no older than 4, put his hands on the driver side window and peered through the tinted glass. He looked like he didn’t shower for weeks and he put on the saddest face I’ve seen. Though it may have been an act so that you would feel sorry and give money to him, it still left a bad taste in my mouth. He was about the age of my nephews and I would never imagine them ever begging for money on the streets nor have I seen that on the streets of Toronto.

Part of me is heart broken and only one person truly understands what I am going through … x 10. People understand but don’t really go through the emotions as I have.

(unfinished thoughts)

– Liza Mae

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Sea of Opportunities: Story of Expecting the Unexpected

Posted on 12 June 2010 by Liza Mae V.

Something happened to me when I was in Sipalay, Philippines which I thought was profound.   I went swimming in the beach and I decided to walk out in the middle of the sea.  I’m kind of paranoid of moving creatures or rocks I could step on especially since my cousin Karen had stepped on a sea urchin the day before.  The sand was brown so the clarity of the things below water were not visible.

I was really far from the shore but the water only reached my waist.  Then as I walked further I saw something bright white under water like a piece of paper.  So I stopped to take a closer look and stop the waves from moving around me.  The water is clear and I thought it was money.  I didn’t want to swim down for I was wearing my contacts and didn’t want to open my eyes in salt water.  So I called the girl with the ‘googles’, as she would pronounce it, to dive down to pick it up.  As she came up from under the water, she held a 100 pesos in her hand.  I was shocked for I thought it was impossible to find money in the middle of the sea.  She handed it over to me and I yelled over to the people on shore,

“I found 100 pesos in the water!”

In disbelief I swam to shore to show my findings to validate that it was real and it was.

This incident made me think, that anything is possible and  sometimes we just have to keep our eyes open for an opportunity can be waiting right in front of you.  In my case, I found money.  Maybe it is sign of fortune to come (crosses fingers) but whatever comes your way, expect the unexpected.

Now I carry the bill with me and it will remind me of the lesson I learned plus it smells like the sea.

– Liza Mae

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Simplicity of Life

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Simplicity of Life

Posted on 14 May 2010 by Liza Mae V.

I have climbed mountains, jumped islands, and swam in fresh water. I’ve never quite experienced the world like this and it is simply amazing.

Mambukal Falls

A few months ago I was drowning in numbers at my cubicle, counting minutes until 5pm, and worked myself to exhaustion.

Who would have thought my life would change so drastically?

I was drinking coffee from Timmies costing $1.50, now I am drinking fresh coconut juice or even better mango shakes for less than $0.50. Who wouldn’t want to trade their life for this life I am currently savoring?

Many seem to delude themselves into believing that they need millions to enjoy life but what I’ve been experiencing is that a dollar can stretch a long way. It is not about how much money you make, but how far you can make your money work for you.

What is the point of making so much money when you don’t know what you are going to use it for? Our societies need for more is deceptive and dubious. We already have everything we need, we just WANT more but ask yourself, why is there that need?

A simple life goes a long way. Try living it.

Liza Mae

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Day and Life: Manila

Posted on 23 April 2010 by Liza Mae V.

Today I woke up and decided to do a 30 minute Yoga session, then I went swimming with my niece. It was a nice changes since it is my first time swimming in 2010 and it was blistering hot outside. Got a little bit of a tan and burnt feet because the cement was so hot. Then I headed to lunch with my Tita Heidi and got my hair styled and mani & pedi which cost me 600 Pesos, 450 + 150 (tip) = $13 CAD. Wow the dollar is worth so much here. I just took a nap, longer than expected, I guess the swim and the heat was really draining. While I was out I noticed a big cultural difference with Philippines and China. People are really polite here and have never heard anyone hork, throw snot rockets, or spit. Also, people smile and are generally more cheery. I like when people are like that because it brings more positive karma in my life.

I am meeting my cousins later tonight for dinner and drinks, then I have to prepare for my flight tomorrow to Bacolod City. Then the adventure continues and I will be heading to Mambucal Resort on Sunday.

Until the next adventure,

Liza Mae

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Destination … Freedom

Posted on 20 April 2010 by Liza Mae V.

I haven’t been updating my blog because I’ve actually been working on business plans for when I get back or even sooner. I am currently not in Shanghai, China but I arrived in Manila, Philippines as of last night. I have no real defined time lines except when my Philippine Visa expires and even that isn’t a deterrent since I have an option to extend it. I know I want to be in a beach soon and see the rest of my family. I feel like I am living a dream where this reality of mine is so surreal.

I went for my morning workout at my Tita’s subdivision community centre at 8am and I am not used to the heat. Apparently this is the cooler time of day, oh my. It was a pretty good workout, I got my heart rate up the entire 25 minutes, maybe it was the heat or I just really worked hard. I was complaining that Shanghai was too cold and wet and now I am in the heat and I can’t handle it. I think I will get used to it in a few days.

Right at this moment I am in the living room watching my niece and three nephews playing Nintendo Wii. While on my way from the airport yesterday something happened which I can not get out of my mind. My tita and I were at a stop in the car and small boy who is about my nephew’s age of 4, plants his face on my Aunt’s window with the saddest face I’ve ever seen. Every time I see little kids like that on the street it just breaks my heart. I wish I could take them all in, maybe one day I can but for now I will try to find out how I can help while I am here. I don’t really know what I am doing here but I am here for a reason.

– Liza Mae

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